Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Uncle Bigfoot

  Bigfoot or Bigfeet? Depends whether it's one or more than one. In our case just one, I think. At one of our latest camping trips we were attacked. No, not by Bigfoot, ants. My four year old was getting nervous and was sitting on my lap by the camp fire. "Dad, why are there so many stink'n ants?" Oh yeah, he just had to ask. Open the door and invite misery upon yourself son. "Well Brock, I'll tell ya".
  Let the story begin as it was explained to my youngest. I proceeded to tell my son that the ants live in the belly hair of a Bigfoot. That the Bigfoot would use them for defense by throwing them at their enemy. But not just any Bigfoot. Their uncle Bigfoot. Uncle Dale. I told him that his uncle Dale was a Bigfoot and his grandma Mary shaved him when he was a little Bigfoot boy which let the ants loose at Beverly Beach camp ground where they were camping. Where we just happened to be camping that weekend.
  There is only a couple of things left to say. Sorry Dale, love ya. But the funniest is, my mom is visiting and Brock asked her if this was true. She set things straight by saying .........."Yes Brock, That's what happened". My boy's response, "Huh. I did not know that!"
  The verdict is still out on Doug and Rick Buckets. I will update as we find out.

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