Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oh won't you scream for me

  Oh won't you scream for me. Few have, many never will. This isn't so much a harassment against my kids, as it is towards my wife. For someone that likes to watch scary movies and claims not to believe in certain "undead" beings, she has brought many laughable moments to my childish existence.
  If you are familiar with the "Scream" series you will get this, if not, I suggest you go rent all 4 and watch them for some mildly entertaining and comical times. Please do not let anyone under, say 7, watch these as it may keep you awake all night coping.
  First is the Scream mask. Second, a hanger that is bent straight,( do not use plastic or wood hangers as it will be my next blog report as to your ignorance). Third, bend the hanger so it goes through the eyes on one end and makes a hook on the other. Fourth, a closet, dark room or bathroom that an individual of your choice frequents. Fifth, hang said mask by hanger in chosen room at eye level to the victim. I know right, makes you laugh just thinking of the pee stained pants already!
  This task, not including pee, as my wife seems to have abnormal control of her bladder, has been deployed several times to the amusement of my kids and mine alike.
  Heather, I love you and thank you for making me laugh.

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