Sunday, June 19, 2011

99 cent teethbrushes at Ikea?!

  99 cent teethbrushes at Ikea?! Ooohhhhh boy! Yes I said teethbrushes, as all members of my family have a mouthful of teeth, not just a tooth. As we walked on a joyful and extremely enlightening journey through Ikea,( sarcasm for those who don't know me), we stumbled upon this sale. I told all my kids to pick one so they don't have to share anymore and we took pictures of the wonderful act. After we took pictures I instructed my mini-me's to put them back and I will close with a quote from Brock, my youngest. "But dad, why can't we get them?! We need new toothes brushes to brushes our teeth's!" Love you Brock!
  There are pictures to follow as I am still speechless for this. 


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