Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hey Lisa! Do you want popcorn?!

  Hey Lisa, do you want some popcorn? That is a question my oldest niece always answers no to when asked by me. Why do you ask? Well, I have always been a trouble maker no matter what anybody says, and no one is safe.
  Some years ago, not sure of how many now, we had a family get together at my moms house. All involved decided to watch a movie and what goes with a movie? POPCORN! Unless DQ is close by then have a malt and wish you stuck to your diet you of low self esteem and no accountability. So, I decided to help make popcorn and dish it out. Everyone was taken a bowl and having a good time. Well, as good a time you can have around family. Five minutes later, as a couple of us are snickering to ourselves, Lisa exclaims EEEWWWWW! YUUUCK!
  HA! HA! Okay. Now for the fill in. I in the midst of being innocent as always, had filled Lisa's bowl full of popcorn. Right, no harm yet. Then I ran the bowl of popcorn under the faucet until the popcorn was damp. Okay saturated. I then topped the bowl of with fresh, dry popcorn and delivered it to my unsuspecting niece Lisa. Waiting patiently for the pay off, it was all worth it.
  Aaaaawwwwww the wonderful memories. Lisa has never forgotten and nor have I. Thanks for the laughs Lisa! Your loving uncle Don.

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